About Us

About Us


Cordy ” OT ” Monroe is the Chief Executive of OneKnee-Media / Entertainment he hails all the way from Detroit, Mi and handles all of the upper echelon activities for his team.

He has multiple roles such as over-seeing and assigning team projects, certifying team documents, ensuring all legal and finance areas are controlled, and booking appointments.




Co-Founder/Executive Vice President : Woody

Paul ” Woody ” Mauricette is the co-founder of Oneknee-Media. Woody resides in Leominster, Ma and is of Haitian descent and speaks proficient Creole.

Woody also has multiple roles that are similar to OT but just different responsibilities, so if you have any questions on graphic designs,web designs or video productions feel free to contact Woody directly at pmauricette@oneknee-media.com.




Senior Vice President : Rozay

Joshua ” Rozay ” Emmanuel is our SVP and he is the lead over specified projects, promo campaigns and much more. Rozay originally from Miami, Florida now lives in Worcester County ( Massachusetts ) and just like Woody he is of Haitian descent and speaks proficient Creole.

Rozay is our lead for all promo, so if its social promotions ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ) and also street promo ( clubs, bars, events ) he is the one you should get in touch with and his email is jremmanuel@oneknee-media.com.




Social Media Lead – Public Relations  : Deja

Deja Falcon is the main lead on all of our social media accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Soundcloud, etc )  her general day to day role would include postings, promotions, strategies and various campaigns to increase the marketability of OneKnee-Media / Entertainment.  In addition she also does blogging for the website.

Deja will most likely fall into a similar role like Rozay with taking over all of the promotional / marketing needs for our brand.