Entertainer Spotlight: Renee Marcou – Making An Impact

Entertainer Spotlight: Renee Marcou – Making An Impact

A few weeks ago we had came across Renee Marcou after viewing a few videos on Bostons JamN9.45 DJ Money Maverik Youtube page. After watching one video we immediately wanted to check out who she was and it was safe to say we were very impressed.

I definitely will have to say her background is very nice she can sing, dance, model, inspire, coach, act, model and quite a few other things that would make her a key X factor in the Boston Entertainment scene.

The more you research Renee Marcou the more you wonder why she hasn’t blown up and reached stardom yet. Surely she has some good featured songs, it looks like she does exceptionally well with song covers.

Last but not least how many singers can actually say they have had the honor of singingĀ our nations anthem for the New England Patriots ?


Renee Marcou covers “Hello” by Adele
Music Production by Brandon Lentz
Production Video by Cisco Santiago


Boston, Massachusetts USA