Indie Spotlight – Graffiti Fresh @graffitifresh

Indie Spotlight – Graffiti Fresh @graffitifresh

Coming straight out of NC and now residing in Worcester, Ma we have the homie¬†Graffiti Fresh. Now before i get started let me start off by saying it took me a few songs to like Graffiti, but that doesn’t mean it was bad and it doesn’t mean it is good.

One thing that drew my attention was that fact he is a local Artist with his own website. Not to say that is impossible to get, but the dedication to your craft only exist in how far you want yourself to go. Just by having a website you pretty much beat out a few competitors in the local scene.

Indie Spotlight - Graffiti Fresh

Addiction 2 Progression

The track that caught my attention heavy was off his mix tape – Addiction to Progression ” Smokin wit’ Chicks ” I thought the beat was nice the production behind the track was well executed and the flow along with engineering was right on track.

I recommend checking graffiti fresh out and peep the video below and let us know what you think about this artist.

Graffiti Fresh